Big imagination is the most important thing in this life; yet the power to make these dreams come true. You are faced with a team who knows this very well. It is in a style that we are not accustomed to seeing from Zeki Triko, but still an amazing campaign. In these shots there is that spectacular illusion show made with mirrors for 2013 summer swimwear - bikini campaign. The same concept is being carried to the store show windows.
And the model of this shooting is again newly discovered GINTAREā€¦
The Lithuanian model GINTARE, who is 1.73cm tall and has got 83-58-89 size, is called in short GINA in the fashion World.
Mostly the models are discovered either on the street or in a shop whereas GINA also attracted the attention in a chocolate shop GINA at age of 15. The model, who started dance school at the age of 7, loves Latin dance at most. She feels like being watched herself in front of the camera but it does not bother her at all. GINA is not only a beautiful woman but talented and intelligent at the same time. She has got an incredible sense of humor. She has won the sympathy of the whole team with the funny stories she kept telling. Even she cannot believe herself how she could rise at modeling that fast though she had only started it in 2009. She feels herself like in a fairy tale. During shooting, we understand what she means very well. She has so much fun that she seems as if she likes shooting just to have fun but not because this is her job. Perhaps this is also one of her special features pushing her over the top. Her energy is reflected in the photos through the lens.
Like every year, also this summer before preparing your holiday carry-on baggage, if you call on Zeki Triko, it will provide you to finish the preparation of your baggage in one-step tirelessly. Besides different models from one another, Zeki Triko, once again demonstrates its diversity along with its wide range of colors and products during 2013 summer season.
Zeki Triko, that offers the patterns appropriate for different body sizes and suitable for all ages, integrating with matching colors, fabrics and accessories according to the season trends for the appreciation of the customers, this season in its 2013 summer collection it concentrates on the organic fabrics protecting nature and the body and natural textures. In the collection consisted of 800 different models, you can find the model suitable to your body type in one brand. Padded bikini and swimwear models with removable bra inserts that can easily be used by those with small breasts as well as those soft caps giving form from inside and breast lifting wire tops also are technical details providing solutions to problematic breasts. The ladies having problem at the abdomen may prefer draped swimsuit models. While low-rise bikini bottoms are indispensable for young people, the high rise swimsuit bottoms appeal to Zeki women who prefer classics.
This summer, neon-fluorescent colors, said hello again to the beaches and frequently seen bikinis and swimsuits in colors of trendy fluorescent green, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent pink and fluorescent orange are indicated among ambitious options of this summer. Both due to ease of tanning without trace of strap and their stylish appearance, the strapless products are favorites of this summer. You can as well use these colors which, highlights your skin tanned from the sun still more, in bikinis and swimsuits and you can as well capture them in jumpers and suits as complementary accessories.
You can find everything from colorful towels to flip-flop slippers until the bags appropriate to your swimsuits. You will meet all your needs without compromising on fashion from Zeki that contains the dresses, tunics and jumpers which can be worn both day and night within the range of its products also together with 2013 bikini and swimwear collection having different options.
Zeki Triko, that has been giving directions to Beach fashion for years, offers for Zeki mothers the opportunity to wear the same bikini and swimwear which it had launched last summer, together with their little daughters also in summer 2013 collection.
Daughters, who admire their mothers, will enjoy wearing the same product with their mother on the beach other than the products with cartoon characters. The most striking detail in the special collection prepared for little Zeki girls between the ages of 1-10 is that just like their mother, swarovski, tassel, and the special collection accessories have also been used here.